How To Study Prophesy

The feast days are your foundation in understand prophesy. They give you an exact order of God’s salvation plan for mankind.

The spring feast: All these have been fulfilled 1-3

1.Passover : Jesus is the lamb he was the sacrifice for all sin

2. First fruits: Jesus rose from the dead being the first fruits to God

3. Pentecost: The day the holy spirit filled the saints and the gospel began to be preached  

Fall feast: Are still future events

4. Feast of Trumpets: future, will be fulfilled during the great tribulation

5. Day of Atonement: future, will be fulfilled on the last day of tribulation 

6. Feast of Tents: (This feast takes wisdom and understanding)

  • Begins 1000 years after tribulation ends
  • Jesus himself builds Ezekiel’s temple
  • Saints from heaven will come to earth to assist in temple duties
  • Other saints will be teaching and keeping law and order
  • In the second resurrection, the dead come to life, the very old dry bones mentioned in Ezekiel.
  • They will live in tents and learn truth fulfilling scripture “all of Israel will be saved”
  • Satan is set free from his 1000 year prison to tempt the people.
  • Last day of the Feast of Tents Jesus will stand in the temple offering eternal life to those who repent

7. The Eighth Day: will be fulfilled immediately after Great White Throne judgment and Israel’s inheritance restored. 

Next, Study the prophets

God told the prophets everything that has ever happened and what is to come. So you compare scripture to scripture and you will understand 

Example: The phrase ‘The Day of the Lord’

The prophets understood what happens on this day.

The Day of the Lord is the last day of tribulation for the Christians, it’s also known as the Feast  Day of Atonement. Immediately, after this day:

  • God’s wrath is poured on the people who took the mark of the beast and they are all killed by God 
  • God sets the Earth on fire

Followed by these events we find in the Book of Revelation

  • God locks Satan up for 1000 years and then will be released one last time
  • Christians will go live with Jesus for 1000 years before coming back to earth to help with the Feast of Tents
  • The wicked stay in their graves until the 1000 years are over. Then they will be called out of their graves to attend the Feast of Tents, the second resurrection 
  • Finally New Jerusalem ‘Gods Bride’ comes to earth

So once you have mastered the Feast Days and the Prophets, then you can move on to the New Testament. You will notice about two-thirds of Revelation came out of the Old Testament.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15