The Two Witnesses

  • The Two Witnesses are two literal men who will stand in Jerusalem and announce warnings and plagues
  • They will preach for 1,260 days
  • People in the Old Testament wore sackcloth to show they were in mourning. The two men will be wearing sackcloth
  • These two men will prophesy warnings, trumpet plagues and coming judgments.
  • Men will try to harm or kill the two witnesses but God will not allow their deaths until God’s plan for them is finished
  • At the end of the forty-two months, God finally allows the witnesses to be killed at the hand of the Antichrist
  • They will lie dead in the street for 3 1/2 days
  • People will send gifts to each other celebration their deaths
  • After the 3 1/2 days pass they come back to life in view of the whole world and ascend into heaven

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